This Shit is Good Shit: Steve’s Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream


July 18, 2012 by rapoulson

This is one of those few moments where it’s really great to be a grown-up. It’s just past noon and I’m eating ice cream straight out of the container. Whiskey ice cream. And nobody can stop me.

Everybody knows the whole “French women never get fat because because they eat tiiiiny amounts of more satisfying foods” BS, right? I gotta tell you, that stuff works for me. I always try to have something around that’s so rich, such a flavorbomb, that you couldn’t possibly eat more than three bites of it. Usually, it’s a stanky, stanky cheese. But for the last week or so, it’s been a pint of Steve’s Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream.

I bought a pint of Steve’s Strawberry Ricotta Ice Cream earlier this summer. It was nice, light and fresh. However, it lacked this intensity of flavor to be a French Lady Fat Forcefield. The Strawberry Ricotta is more of a Post-Breakup-Ice-Cream-for-Dinner kind of ice cream, I can eat waaaay to much of that stuff.

The Bourbon Vanilla, however, is a different story. I’d avoided buying it because boozey ice cream has a tendency to disappoint–it tends to taste too much like ice cream and not enough like booze. But a coworker tipped me off that this one was a keeper.

And he was right. Steve’s Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream, isn’t so much a frozen dessert product, as it is a time/place machine. The minute you take a bite of this, you’ll become convinced that it’s May and you’re in Louisville. You’ll have visions of foals galloping behind white picket fences. Clovers will bloom, the smell of fresh cut grass will fill the air. You’ll feel compelled to don a ridiculous hat.
You won’t even care that your hat is rapidly eating your face.

The bourbon is lovely, they don’t say what it is (the other ingredients are Whole Milk, Cream, Evaporated Cane Juice, Skim Milk, Guar Gum and Carageenan) but it’s a nice, lightly oaked Kentucky, something along the lines of a Maker’s Mark or Buffalo Trace. I get notes of honey, butterscotch and obviously vanilla.

And the vanilla’s no slouch either. It has the little black flecks that I love that say, “we’re not fucking around with any of that extract stuff.” In terms of texture, it’s super creamy, probably due to a combination of the alcohol and high fat content. However, that means it’s always soft enough to dig into straight out of the fridge (Ben and Jerry’s, while delicious, is the Anthony Weiner of ice creams).

I’ve never sat down and ate a whole bowl of this stuff, but it’d definitely be a great backdrop for toppings too. Butterscotch would be an easy go-to because it’d play great off the bourbon. But I have some fig butter in the fridge and I bet it’d be amazing with some pistachios and chunked up super-dark chocolate.


5 thoughts on “This Shit is Good Shit: Steve’s Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream

  1. lizforaday says:

    So how are you feeling right now? Did the ice cream give you a buzz? 🙂

  2. foroneplease says:

    “…because boozey ice cream has a tendency to disappoint–it tends to taste too much like ice cream and not enough like booze.” Totalllly!!! 😀 but the one I didn’t find disappointing was Udders ice cream in Singapore…you’ll love it too!

  3. This is amazing. My boyfriend loves whiskey and ice cream. This is totally going to make his day.

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