What Feeds Me: Big Girls Small Kitchen


July 14, 2012 by rapoulson

What Feeds Me will be a regular feature on this blog where I spotlight a link to someone/someones who works with food and/or beverage that I think is super effing awesome/inspirational. First up? Big Girls Small Kitchen (BGSK) inspiration for the other night’s fried rice.

Feeding yourself for the first time is really hard. I mean, by the time I was 22 and living in New York, I had pretty much mastered the whole fork and knife thing (I still don’t eat soup particularly gracefully. Don’t judge.) but deciding what to put in your mouth on a daily basis when you’re on your own and a little bit broke is kind of tough.

This is the grossest. Like, genuinely, The Grossest.

And I’m someone who knows how to cook. When I’m in the kitchen, I throw down. I have friends who like me solely for my dinner parties. I know exactly what to bring to a new boyfriend’s parents to make them fall in love with me. I can make a cassarole that will make you look forward to a funeral. I’m not kidding. You will wish death upon your loved ones (at least the ones you don’t love so much).

But non-special occasion cooking took a while for me to master. Most of that first year in the city looked like this: eggwhites with black beans, salsa and sour cream for breakfast, salad and french fries for lunch at work and coffee ice cream for dinner (after I had finished viewing Grey’s Anatomy on the eliptical).

And that’s where BGSK came in: the Monday Night Sweet and Sour Tofu is a near necessity in my fridge. So is the Mediterranean Vegetable Hash. They also have a healthy respect for the grilled cheese. Use caution when employing their 7 Best Ways to Make Someone Fall in Love with You Over Breakfast . You may end up with a Stage Five Clinger.

Anyone you serve this to will not leave you. Ever. They’ll probably listen to you poop.

It wasn’t just the recipes that made me fall in love with BGSK, though. These were smart ladies, just a year older than me, who were attempting to build lives for themselves in NYC, and shaping those lives around food and writing, which are probably the two things that are most important to me. I watched them leave and find apartments, jobs and loves as I was doing the same thing. When they took over the Eat for Eight Bucks column at Serious Eats, I  felt genuine pride.

While you’re never alone in New York, it can be an incredibly lonely place. BGSK is a blog that isn’t just about food, it’s about how food builds friendships and community. And that’s exactly what I needed when I was new in town.


2 thoughts on “What Feeds Me: Big Girls Small Kitchen

  1. Definitely Not Your Brother says:

    This post has won the prestigious award of my comment simply because it is the most recent. It is in no way any more or less fantastic than all the other posts, although a post headlined by a Harry Potter party .gif and containing healthy fried rice is hard to beat. I’d like to mention that your blog is a fine way to waste time while sitting in a Law Firm in China. However, your blog is blocked in China so it took some creative gerrymandering to scale the great fire wall. Why does the Chinese government not like you? Is your yoga somehow subversive and freedom promoting?

    I did notice your post on how “the last five are where the magic happens.” and would like to inform you that in China, the last five minutes are the only time anything happens. You’ll spend a 2 hours in a meeting with small talk, and obfuscating and then write an entire contract in the last five minutes.

    I’m afraid you’re probably going to witness an influx of stupid comments as I’m obliged to share your hilarity with my friends. Friends who like odd healthy food, bad movies, and good TV, almost as much as they like reading blogs about those things, while wishing they lived in NY. Or at least anywhere other than East Lansing.

    I’ve decided that if I’m not ruling the world in the next 15 or so years, I’m opening up a microgastrobrewpub. I may have just made that term up. Might even open it up in China. I’m sure the techno club frequenting Expats could keep it going till the Chinese figured out that good beer doesn’t taste like pisswater. But I am now officially forcing you to help design my menu, as I would really like to try your “finest gin lover’s pizza.”

    • Oh brother, you’re a little adorable. Might I suggest that you open a gastro-microbrewpub or a microbrew-gastropub? A microgastrobrewpub sounds like a very small bar.

      I will try to get back to you regarding places for your nerdfriends to stay/do this weekend. I’m rarely in the parts of town where one might be walking past large legal buildings. Thanks for reading. Luvyoouu, Bex.

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