This Beverage Is Perhaps Not My Favorite Beverage


July 11, 2012 by rapoulson

One of the weirdly wonderful things about living in Williamsburg is the Hipster Bodega. They look just like a regular bodega, but they sell Pirates Booty and chocolates from Austria. I haven’t really been feeling the Diet Coke lately (which is odd, considering I have a very serious ten year relationship with it) but I was sick of drinking water all day, so I was in the hipster bodega and I picked up some Beyond Kombucha.

I’m not really sure why I thought I would like Beyond Kombucha. I’m not even that big into Kombucha. I mean, it’s fine, but the last time I remember purchasing it was in like Septemeber. It’s not something I need every day, and it’s certainly not something I need to go “beyond”.

You have to use a bottle opener to open Beyond Kombucha, which is a minus in that I couldn’t drink any on the 20 ft walk from the hipster bodega to my apartment, but a plus in that it made me feel fancy. So I opened the bottle, which made a very satisfying sound and I took my first sip and…is it possible I just drank the scoby?

Again, I’m not a Kombucha expert but is that something they do? Might the scoby just be in my Kombucha? Because I deffinitely drank something slimy with that first sip and I’m not sure how down I am with that. After I got over the sliminess (it wasn’t recurrent) it tasted pretty much like beer. Which is fine, I like beer. But I expect beer to get me buzzy. It was pretty yeasty, with some sweetness and floral notes from the Rooibos. It’s just pretty non-noteworthy, I should have stuck with my usual extra-spicy ginger beer. I will say this for Beyond Kombucha–it is spectacularly effervescent. That’s some pretty fun fizz they’ve got going on there.

I Googled Beyond Kombucha to get this image and found out they were a nice little start up in Queens and now I feel bad for posting this unenthusiastic review on my blog that no one reads. They have a bunch of different flavors, so go buy them, I’m sure they’re great, support your local brewers. Just steer clear of the Rooibos Honeybush–or don’t. It’s clearly been established that I know jack about Kombucha.


2 thoughts on “This Beverage Is Perhaps Not My Favorite Beverage

  1. lizforaday says:

    You should not feel bad about posting your opinion. It is what it is. I don’t think I would want to drink anything slimmy. So…good lookin out! 🙂 I rely on people like you who tell the truth, to help me make good decisions.

  2. sfmosaic says:

    i’m with you…kombucha? not my bevy of choice. other fermented products perhaps….
    i love the spit take gif!

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