Hypoallergenic Marathon

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July 10, 2012 by rapoulson

Just a quick post on how my best friend is probably better than all of your friends. Not to brag. Seriously, she’s brilliant. Check her out here.

Anyway, we were talking about how I maybe kinda sorta want to train for a marathon, but I’m afraid of…weather…and bugs…and sneezing…and the weird methods people who run long distances have of hydrating themselves…and porta-potties. And I really like running while watching TV.

And she suggested a Marathon Marathon. Where everybody’s on a treadmill watching the same TV show. You know, rent out a gym and air episodes of the Golden Girls or something. And then when you’re done running you can sit around and eat pizza and watch more episodes. I’m thinking Freaks and Geeks. It’ll be like anti-Prom, where all the punk kids got together and had a party because tafetta is really scary.

What do you say? Anybody in?


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