Hooligans Eat Mac&Cheese…

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July 6, 2012 by rapoulson

I went to yoga this morning, bought a Kind Bar at the bodega and ate it on the subway on the way to my gym. Ran on the treadmill, did some planks, sat in the sauna and read that book about memory, the title of which I can’t remember* whatever. Then I came home, scrambled two eggs with a shit ton of Spinach, mushrooms and onions and sat down to write…And then two hours later I was hungry….so I made a massive bowl of this:

Because sometimes I secretly like to eat like I’m five. If you know me at all, you know I rarely eat anything out of a box. If you know me at all, you know I totally judge you for buying food from a box. I’m more likely grill a pound of Camembert with a mass of caramelized onions on homemade bread if I’m going to splurge on the dairy front.

But sometimes, especially in summer you just want noodles from a box. You want to cook them in the microwave and then you want to stir in a weird powder that might turn out to be cheese, but could just as easily be Tang. And then you want to eat it straight out of the bowl (but only about a cup. Because then you can be a hooligan again tomorrow).

*Moonwalking with Einstein. It’s by one of the Foers. Screw those guys (kidding, it’s a really good book).


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