Girl, I can see your leopard thong


July 5, 2012 by rapoulson

So, the entire time I was getting ready for yoga this morning, I was thinking up a really lovely post about getting back to basics, but because I’m kind of a bad person, I need to take a minute first and focus on this chick who put her mat down in front of me who was wearing super sheer leggings and a leopard thong.

I don’t need to know you like that.


Can we please wear pants that aren’t see-through? Is that really too much to ask? Can’t we have a civilization?

Listen, I have a full appreciation of inexpensive workout gear. I do not own Lululemon. Most of my leggings were purchased for less than $10 from Forever 21 and lived their first lives serving Malibu and pineapples in a dive bar in Greenwich Village. They are bleach stained and haunted by the ghosts of Smurftinis past. This is not something I’m snobby about. All that I ask of your pants, is that they cover your ass.

And if you cannot wear pants that cover your ass, can you please put your underwear on correctly? I do not want to spend the first five minutes of class with the urge to pick a wedgie that is not my own.



10 thoughts on “Girl, I can see your leopard thong

  1. colgore says:

    Haha. Totally agree. This is mean, but this 60-year-old plus woman comes into the studio all of the time wearing short shorts and in certain poses you can see her vagina! She also forgoes a shirt and wears a regular, nude, pointy bra as opposed to a sports bra. Because, I’m easily distracted I can’t help but watch her every move and make up stories in my head about her life.

    • She wore a regular bra and no shirt? And she was 60? Haha, that is amazing. Was it Bikram at least?

      • colgore says:

        Haha. Regular bra, no shirt. It was Hatha and then again in Vinyasa (more understandable). She also freestyles and just does crazy moves on her mat that have nothing to do with class. I do respect that she’s a free spirit though.

  2. oooh this post made me giggle.

  3. JennyO says:

    LOL Oh gawd I needed to read this, 🙂 I can totally think of a few of these moments at the gym…

  4. kccc5 says:

    I just looked down at my yoga pants…omg…gulp…I’m Offender! Good post 🙂

  5. kitteakat35 says:

    LOL! love it!

  6. tarrylm says:

    Ahh yes…the oddities of yoga wear…delightful 🙂

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